4 Things All Patients Should Know

We know you have questions and are happy to address them. Here are some questions we will be able to answer for you during your 2nd visit.

#1 What's Wrong?

After going over the results from your exam and x-rays we will be able to tell you what's wrong. Knowledge is power and knowing what's wrong helps empower patient's in their health journey.

#2 Can We Help?

The trust of our patients is everything. We will tell you whether your condition is something we can help with or not. If your condition is something outside of our realm, we will refer you out to our network of doctors.

#3 How Long Will It Take?

Each patient's case is different and depends on the severity and duration of their condition. Our game plan with patients is to address the root cause to get them feeling their best and then follow up with maintenance as needed.

#4 How Much Will It Cost?

Cost will be determined by your insurance benefits which we will go over with you during your second visit so that you know what to expect and won't be blind sided by surprise medical bills.